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Way Beyond Pollution Control

At one time, everyone knew APC as “Advanced Pollution Control”.  That was in 1975 when Mike Flaherty, Junior established the company and air pollution control was the main service that it offered.  Since then time and technology has changed things.

Today, the acronym has stuck and the company is known simply as A-P-C.

There are so many services that are offered beyond pollution control that no one name would be adequate.

APC is located centrally in Bridgewater.  It occupies 10,000 square feet of buildings and garages and sits on 12 acres of land.

Over 40 vehicles comprise the APC fleet and 50 full time employees are ready to work and are properly trained to serve customers from “The Big Dig” to a local builder contractor.
(More on training, confined space, Hazardous Waste, Medical evaluation, respirator training)

Chief among APC’s many advantages is a nearly three-decade reputation for keeping its promises, being highly qualified and fairly priced.  APC has a high quality work ethic that is seldom found these days.  But, that is the way the Flaherty family began the business and it is the way the family chooses to continue to operate.  Check out the owner’s business card, how many owners put their home phone number on a card.  This means that he is directly involved and sincerely committed to solving your specialty problems.

APC is an “extra effort” company that serves hundreds of clients and customers every day of the year and is able to hold its head high and point with pride to every job it does.