APC Safety

APC Corporation realizes that safety comes first and has provided many programs to their employees to make sure they are trained and prepared for all jobs and all risks. 

APC’s training covers all personal safety issues and OSHA regulations.  Our yearly safety class itinerary includes:

  • Personal protective equipment needed for Confined Space Entry
  • Lockout/Tagout
  • Fall Protection
  • Hazard Communication
  • Respiratory Training
  • Trenching & Excavating Procedures
  • Hearing Protection
  • Electrical Hazard Awareness Training
  • Industrial Vacuuming Safety
  • Hydro Excavation and Pipe Cleaning Safety

Respirator Fit tests and Pulmonary tests are performed every year.

All of our employees have completed the following:

  • A 40-hour Hazardous Waste Site Worker Program
  • An 8-hour Refresher program on the Hazardous Waste Site Worker Program
      • An 8-hour training program on Confined Space Entry. 
        This program consisted of 6-hours of classroom training the 2-hours of hands on training. 
  • An 8-hour Fall Protection class
  • A 4-hour in house training session was provided to our employees on Hazardous Waste Driver Training. 
  • An 8 hour Refresher training program covering general awareness, safety, and function-specific material which meets DOT requirements under 49 CFR Part 172 (Subpart H) and Part 177 for hazardous materials/waste employees who affect transportation safety.
  • A 10-hour Construction Site Course