Recent APC Projects

Vacuum Sand Separators on Beach
Spring, 2010.
Ray Duarte (508) 487-7074

Orleans / Brewster WWTP
Vacuum Grit from Receiving Tank and Transport for Disposal - Fall, 2010.
Jay Burgess (508) 255-1150

Medfield WWTP
Vacuum Septage Receiving Tanks and
Wet Wells - Fall, 2010.
Bill Donavan (508) 359-4533

Charles River Water Pollution Control
Vacuum Wet Well and Vacuum Grease and Grit from Grease Trap and Transport for Disposal - Fall, 2010.
Cherri Cousens - (508) 533-6762

East Bridgewater DPW
Vacuum Catch Basins and Lanced Storm Drain Pipes, Fall 2010
Rob Kenn - (508) 962-5987

Town of Randolph
Vacuum Gravel, Grit and Grease at Pump Stations - Fall, 2010.
Tom Shaivo -(781) 961 -0940

Town of Kingston -
Vacuum Grit and Rags from Wet Well and Transport for Disposal - Winter, 2010.
Ken Vandal - (781)422-2253

Town of Rockport
Vacuum Wet Wells - Winter, 2010
Larry Wonson - (978) 546-7888

APC Projects

APC Projects

Power Plants
APC Corporation has been supplying Vacuum services, Industrial Water Wash services and a number of other services to Power Plants in New England for the past 36 years. 

We vacuum dry particles, hot dry particles, sludge, oil sludge, mussels and flyash from Silos, Precipitator or Economizer Hoppers, Screenwells, Intake Pipes, Tanks and any other place that we are asked.  We also vacuum Catch Basins, Culverts and Manholes on job sites. 

APC Corporation High Pressure Washes Boilers, Air Heaters and Economizers both Tubular and Fin type. 

We have a complete pipe cleaning service.  We can clean pipes from one inch up to three feet in diameter using our specialized pipe cleaning truck or our high-pressure water pumps and specialized cleaning tools.

We can clean the screenwells and intake pipes, scrape down the tunnel walls, vacuum the mussels, dewater the mussels to get them ready for disposal and transport them to the landfill.  We have a great relationship with the landfill and have transported Mussels, Sandblast Grit, Flyash and Sludge with no problems.  We have all the equipment needed for disposal, Tractor/Roll-off, roll-off containers, dewatering dumpsters and dump trailers.

Some of our other specialty equipment includes a combination High Vacuum/Hydro Excavation truck.  We have used this truck to locate utilities and also used it in the transformer yards with no destruction or interuption in electrical service.  We have used the combination High Vacuum/Jet Rodder truck to jet out pipelines and precipitator lines.  Our High Vacuum trucks have capabilities such as Auger unloading and pressurized pneumatic blow-off systems.  We also have a High Rail Vacuum truck for vacuuming on railroad tracks.

Cities and Municipalities Projects

  • Clean Drain Lines
  • Vacuum Manholes
  • Vacuum Collection Chambers, Sewer Plants, Drain Systems
  • Clean Sewer Pipelines & Drain Pipelines
  • Sewerage Treatment Plant Services
  • Road & Box Culvert Cleaning
  • Catch Basins
  • Retention Basins
  • Clean Culverts, Marsh Areas, Streams, Retention Ponds
  • Utility Pole Holes in Remote Locations
  • Trenching & Slotting
  • Guaranteed Non-Destructive Excavation
  • Excavation for Traffic Signals and light Standards

Wetlands Projects
This work has been done without any further damage, no cutting trees down and complete recertification of damaged wetland areas.

Miscellaneous Project
Vacuum Dead, Smelly Seaweed from Brackish Water Inlet

Construction Support Projects

  • Elevator Shaft Cleanouts
  • Ballast Removal
  • Tank & Structure Cleanouts
  • Remediation Environmentally Destroyed Areas
  • Utility “Daylighting” & “Potholing” Gas Lines, Fiber Optic Cables, Water& Electric Lines
  • Utility Pole Holes in Remote Locations
  • Trenching & Slotting
  • Guaranteed Non-Destructive Excavation
  • Excavation for Traffic Signals and light Standards
  • High Voltage Transformer Yard Trenching