Dry / Wet Vacuum Service

High Pressure Pipe Cleaning Service

Hydro Excavation Service - No Damage

Power Plant Services

Sewerage Treatment Plant Services

High Rail Vacuum Service

Wetland Reclamation Services (non destructive)

Construction Company Services

also offering:
Industrial High Pressure Water Washing, 10,000 PSI
Confined Space Entry Services
Specialty Dumpster and Roll-off Services



Power Plant Services

Power Plant Services

  • Boiler Cleaning
  • Industrial Vacuuming of Flyash, Solids, Sludges & Liquids
  • Remote location cleaning (10 stories up a boiler or down)
  • Vacuum & Clean Mussels from Screenwell, Intake Tunnels etc.
  • Dewatering & Disposal of Mussels
  • Vacuum out Resin & Carbon & Dispose
  • Vac-load Resin & Carbon
  • Hot Water Surface Cleaning, 3,000 pounds
  • Surface Cleaning, 10,000 pounds
  • Condensor & Heat Exchange Cleaning up to 10,000 pounds
  • Clean Drain Systems & Manholes
  • Clean Silos
  • Annual Outage Cleaning
  • Confined Space Entry
  • The crews are trained in Hazardous Waste Work Safety, Confined Space Entry, Rescue and Retrieval in Confined Spaces, Lock Out/Tag Out, Respirator Training with full annual employee medical evaluations, Hearing Protection, Personal Protection Equipment, DOT Training, Training in Trenching and Excavation Procedures.