Equipment to solve all of your problems

There are times when your best employee needs help to complete a job.  And sometimes, even your biggest and newest machine has reached overload.  That’s the time to call APC to help.  Just like a railroad adding an extra locomotive to help a long train over a mountain, there are times when you need something bigger, stronger or with a little more expertise in the job you’re doing.  There are other times too, such as when the job is tough and nasty.

Tough and nasty?
That’s a perfect job for APC, your specialty contractor.

Specially adapted equipment on hand makes impossible jobs able to be performed safely, efficiently and productively.

We at APC utilize GapVax vacuum trucks the worlds most advanced Industrial vacuum Truck

hydro excavation

Industrial Vacuum Trucks
28” Mercury, 5300 CFM; Wet/Dry Vacuum, All necessary aluminum pipe & fittings

  • Power Plant Vacuum Services
  • Sewerage Treatment Plant Services
  • Construction Support Services
          • Road & Box Culvert Cleaning
          • Catch Basins
          • Elevator Shaft Cleanouts
          • Ballast Removal
          • Tank & Structure Cleanouts
          • Retention Basins
          • Clean Culverts, Marsh Areas, Streams, Retention Ponds
          • Remediation Environmentally Destroyed Areas

Hydro Excavation Truck
Non-Destructive Air & Water Utility Locating
Vacuum 28” Mercury, 5300 CFM, 2500 PSI, 5 GPM Hot or Cold Water, 185 CFM air Compressor built into truck

      • Utility “Daylighting” & “Potholing” Gas Lines, Fiber Optic Cables, Water& Electric Lines
      • Utility Pole Holes in Remote Locations
      • Trenching & Slotting
      • Guaranteed Non-Destructive Excavation
      • Excavation for Traffic Signals and light Standards
      • High Voltage Transformer Yard Trenching

High Pressure Pipe Cleaning Truck
Vacuum 28” Mercury, 5300 CFM, 3000 PSI & 90 GPM’s, 185 CFM air Compressor built into truck

  • Clean Drain Lines
  • Vacuum Manholes
  • Vacuum Collection Chambers, Sewer Plants, Drain Systems
  • Clean Sewer Pipelines & Drain Pipelines

Additional Equipment Owned and Operated by APC

      • Portable Dewatering Boxes
      • Roll-off Dumpster Service
      • Portable Dumping Ramps
      • High Volume Sludge Pumps, 2,000 GPMs
      • Vacuum Thru Dumpsters
      • Auger Unloading Vacuum Trucks
      • High Rail Vacuum Truck with material Blow-off Capabilities
      • Confined Space Entry Trailers