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Vacumm high pressure pipe cleaning Massachusetts New England

APC is a company that is a phone call away for construction companies. APC's fleet of specialized equipment, trained work force and knowledge on how to perform all types of jobs is like having a designated ally.

APC crews are trained in Hazard¬ous Waste Work Safety, Confined Space Entry, Rescue.and Retrieval in Confined Spaces, Lock Out/Tag Out, Fall Protection, Respiratory Training with full annual employee medical evaluations, Hearing Protec¬tion, Personal Protection Equipment, Electrical Hazards, DOT Training, Training in Trenching and Shoring and Excavation Procedures. All employees also went through the 10 hour OSHA Construction Site Safety Awareness Course.

Jobs that APC can help with are vacuuming in and around Power Plants and Hydro Excavation and Vacuum Excavation around Utilities. We can also assist at Sewerage Treatment Plants (the cleaning of grit chambers and wet wells) broken water mains and pipe cleaning.

APC has two High Rail Vacuum Trucks for rail road work, a Combi¬nation Vacuum and Jet Rodder Truck for fast and efficient pipe cleaning and the use of Hydro Excavation and or Vacuum Excavation is currently a tool being used around utility construction. Hydro Excavation and Vacuum Excavation is 100% safe for utility locating and 100% safe digging. APC has cleaned Wetlands that have been ruined during Real Estate development.

All of APC's Vacuum Trucks are the strongest vacuum currently made (28" Mercury, 5300 CFM). Our trucks have 185 CFM air compres¬sors built into the vacuum trucks, pressure washers (hot and cold) built into the trucks and combination Vacuum and Jet Rodder capabilities. We have all of the vacuum equip¬ment trucks that are needed for any construction project.

APC's crews and equipment will work to perform all jobs safely and productively assisting construc¬tion companies through any type of project.

High Pressure Pipe Cleaning Truck

High Vacuum 28" Mercury, 5300 CFM, 3,000 PSI and 90 GPM's, 185 CFM Air compressor built into truck.

  • Clean Drain Lines
  • Vacuum Manholes
  • Vacuum Collection Chambers, Wet Wells and Grit Chambers
  • Clean Sewer Pipelines

Industrial Vacuum Service

High Vacuum Trucks are a new tool that can be used in the construction industry.

  • Road and Box Culvert Cleaning
  • Hydro Excavate and Vacuum Excavate
  • Elevator Shaft Cleanouts
  • Tank and Structure Cleanouts
  • Retention Basins
  • Marsh Areas, Streams, Retention Ponds
  • Catch Basins
  • Utility Locating
  • Ballast Removal
  • Waste Water and Sewerage Treatment Service
  • Remediation Environmentally Destroyed Areas
  • Potholing

Optional Equipment Owned by APC

  • Portable Dewatering Boxes
  • Roll-off Dumpster Service
  • High Volume Sludge Pumps, 2000 GPM's
  • Auger Unloading Vacuum Trucks
  • 2 High Rail Vacuum Trucks w/Material Blow-off Capabilities
  • Confined Space Entry Trailers
  • Portable Dumping Ramps
  • Vacuum Thru Dumpsters