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High Rail Vacuum Service

HIGH RAIL VACUUM SERVICESMassachusetts and New England

APC's High Rail Vacuum Trucks have the strongest vacuum specification currently available, this coupled with their high maintenance on repairĀ­ing welding wear from vacuuming ballast ensures that the strongest vacuum is at the end of the hose and that timely removal of material is performed.
Loads removed are dumped many ways:

  • Conventional dumping like a dump truck.
  • Use of Auger unloading.
  • Pressurized load blow-off of material. The vacuum truck can also vacuum distances up to 300 feet from the vacuum truck with the use of 8" aluminum piping, steel fittings and thick rubber hoses, all included in the hourly cost of the vacuum truck.

Potholing, daylighting and locating of utilities can also be performed by APC. Trenching for electric lines or utilities can also be performed.

  • Hydro Excavation or Vacuum Excavation for conduit or locating utilities
  • Confined space entry
  • Use of 8" aluminum Pipe to get to remote locations (for clean-ups)
  • Grit chamber and wet well cleaning
  • Manhole and drain-line cleaning
  • Parking lot drain systems