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Hydro Excavation and Vacuum Excavation Services

With over 36 years of experience, APC has been compared to expertly trained special forces.  We are trained on all equipment and how it works best, we attack the jobs aggressively to get the job done safely and quickly, we finish usually two to three time faster than our competitors.

Our Fleet can service all your needs
APC has increased its fleet over 36 years to have all necessary equipment to perform even the most unique and difficult jobs.  APC can clean hot flyash Precip. Hoppers, flyash Silos Hydro evacuation or Retention Ponds in a subdivision.

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Hydro Excavation (the use of water, hot or cold, under pressure and vacuum with the use of a hydraulic up and down boom) and Vacuum Excavation (the use of compressed air with vacuum and the use of hydraulic boom) have become the safest method of excavation through areas with gas lines, power conduit and other utility lines. The use of both of these designated trucks, Hydro Excavation and Vacuum Excavation, is 100% safe with no damage caused by conven­tional hydraulic digging machines and are available to utilities and construction companies manned with a trained APC Driver/Engineer with optional Laborer.

If Vacuum Excavation is performed, all of the soil can be used again as back fill material. APC gives contractors a great alternative to costly, less efficient hand digging, or dangerous mechanical digging in hazardous areas.

APC Corporation uses the world's only dedicated wet/dry Hydro Excavator. This patented filter bag system eliminates dust from being displaced into the atmosphere during dry vacuuming, espe­cially during summer months. With vacuum tubing, the truck can be placed up to 300 feet away if it is a hard to reach site, such as wetland clean-ups.

With the unique design of our Hydro Excavation and Vacuum Excava­tion units, we are able to give you the power needed to handle the toughest jobs with ease. The key to creating the most powerful vacu­um, to pull the most material and accomplish the most work is the filtration system on the trucks and the air tight joints in the vacuum tubing. All the suction created by the truck must be at the end of the 8" aluminum tubing in order to vacuum far from the truck and remove many loads in an eight hour work day.